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Company History
Shin Chin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. K. L. Hong in 1953. During the initial stage, SCI endeavored in manufacturing switches and knobs for domestic industry, to date the extensive products range from switches, related electronic parts, auto parts & accessories to lighting have occupied the worldwide markets.
Mr. Mark Hong, the son of Mr. K. L. Hong, succeeded taking over the position of President in the year of 1998, invested automatic equipments for cost down production and precise testing equipments for quality assurance, brought the well-organized team to investigate the innovative and high technology products so to continuously provide the consumers with a safety, satisfactory and easy life.
Company Group
  • Location: in Tainan City, Taiwan
  • Area: 9,255 m²
  • Function: Administration, Marketing & Sales, R&D, Production,shipping control
  • Employees: 320
  • Taipei Branch:
  • Function: Sales & Marketing for Asia region, and domestic sales for North of Taiwan market.
  • China Factory:
  • Area: 20,000 m²
  • Function: Manufacturing SCI's Products
  • Employees: 900
  • Hong Kong Office:
  • Area: 900 m²
  • Function: Logisty
  • Employees: 2
  • Indonesia Factory:
  • Area: 2,300 m²
  • Function: Administration,Production
  • Employees: 318
  • Production
    Part of SCI products are produced in our expanded factory in China , the core products remained in Taiwan. In order to fulfill f our mission to be an integrated manufacturer, we utilize the high efficient advanced equipments, such as the Automatic Table Press, Robotic Plastic Injection Machine, Automatic Tapping Machine, Master Automatic Printer.. etc.,these precise automatic machines enable us to provide the reliable products to satisfy our customers' need .
    R&D Group & ISO 9001, IATF 16949
    Our integrated job process starting from the product design, tooling, injection, pressing, production, assembly, inspection,packaging, shipping and sales are all under the strict job control process as ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.
    Quality policy:Total Quality Management, Customer satisfaction, Continual Improvement.

    OHSAS18001 2007 Certificate
    OHSAS18001 2007 Certificate
    Occupational safety and health policy:legal compliance, Educational training, Total employee involvement, Continual Improvement.

    Declaration of Conformity to EU RoHS
    We hereby confirm that all the raw materials in our product including components, parts, materials and finished products are fully conform to:
    1. The EU's RoHS(Directive 2011/65/EU & EU 2015/863 )
    2. 197 SVHC(Substance of Very High Concern) of EU directive of the Regulation(EC) No.1907/2006(REACH).
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